Vendor Risk Management

Assess and audit the security posture of your vendors, making sure you’re working with partners that meet your InfoSec standards.

Vendor Risk Management


The Challenge of Managing and Assessing Vendors

With new regulations like GDPR, organizations are exposed to liabilities if an external vendor has a break. That makes it more important than ever to conduct security and risk audits of your business partners to avoid breaches and regulatory fines. But with dozens or even hundreds of vendors, each with varying levels of risk, this becomes a challenge. How do you create a “right-sized” vendor security risk management program without slowing down your business?

Audit Your Vendors


Audit Your Vendors

Tugboat Logic’s Vendor Risk Management Module makes assessing your business partner’s security posture a breeze. Our software automatically sends out security questionnaires to third-party vendors and collects their responses in a cloud-based centralized management console. You can use the console to quickly compare and select vendors and store their InfoSec program details for GDPR audits.

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How Vendor Risk Management Works

Tugboat Logic’s Vendor Risk Management Module is a one-stop shop to understand the security of your vendors. Use our prebuilt security questionnaire template or upload your own. And no more spreadsheets—we invite your vendors to answer the questionnaire in an intuitive web-based portal that keeps answers in one place.

Easily compare responses from different vendors to pick the lowest-risk business partner. And all the responses from chosen vendors are stored in the Tugboat Logic platform as proof of compliance for audit purposes.

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How Vendor Risk Management Works

What You Get

Pre-Built Questionnaire

Pre-built security questionnaire based on industry best practices.

Vendor Comparison

Automatically compare vendor responses side-by-side to determine the best security posture.

GDPR Compliance

Centrally store the vendor responses as proof of compliance.

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