Automated Security Questionnaire Response

Answer security questionnaires in minutes using Tugboat Logic’s machine learning platform.

Automated Security Questionnaire Response


The Challenge With Conventional Security Questionnaires

Requests for proposals (RFPs) and security questionnaires take up too much of your team’s time. But filling out a lot of repetitive forms is the only way to secure new clients and grow. Most companies type the data manually, copy-paste from previous forms or even claim to have security policies they don’t. This slows down your sales process and opens up your company to legal liability.

Save Time on Security Questionnaires


Save Time on Security Questionnaires

With Tugboat Logic’s Auto-Answer RFP Management Module, you can answer RFPs and security questionnaires in minutes. We have the industry’s only security-enabled RFP management system that helps you create credible responses quickly to win more deals.

Tugboat Logic can reduce RFP response time by more than 45 percent and improve win rates by 300 percent.

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How the Automated Questionnaire Response Tool Works

Step 1: Upload client’s RFP or questionnaire into Tugboat Logic

Step 2: Tugboat Logic automatically searches for the best answer from a database of previous RFPs and saved policies

Step 3: Export completed RFP in the same format provided by the customer

Using patent-pending machine learning technology to answer RFPs automatically, Tugboat Logic’s automated security questionnaire module eliminates repetitive work and saves you time.

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How the Automated Questionnaire Response Tool Works

What You Get

Auto Answer Engine

Our automated engine answers RFP questions in seconds.

RFP Repository

Upload and store previously answered RFPs.

Machine Learning

The system learns from previously answered RFPs to improve over time.

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