RFP Response Management

Respond Quicker, Grow Faster.

Reduce the time it takes to respond to RFPs and audits from days to hours with an integrated platform and centralized project management hub. Our patent-pending document auto-answer capability leverages artificial intelligence, cybersecurity best practices, industry standards, and your own policies and controls to answer any possible customer inquiry with speed. 

In the financial services market, we can’t sell our solutions unless we can confirm adherence to strict IT and regulatory compliance requirements. Tugboat Logic gives us a central place from which we can respond to client questionnaires with greater speed and effectiveness.”
-CEO, Grapevine 6

Automated Security Policy

Painlessly Generate Required Documents

A well-defined security system of record is at the core of your company's governance and compliance readiness. We provide turnkey policies and controls that can jump start your security program or allow you to customize and integrate your existing policies into your own framework. 

“We found an invaluable partner in Tugboat Logic for our compliance readiness.”We needed to get our new offering ready for market, so privacy and data protection policies were a key part of our launch plan.”
-CEO, US Bound


Identify Gaps in Your Security

We use advanced analytics and intelligent automation to identify gaps in policy, recommend controls for processes and establish awareness training for your staff all to improve your overall to security posture. Our templates and tools help you get ready for IT and security-related compliance standards such as ISO 27001, GDPR and more.

“We were looking for technology solutions to help with our GDPR readiness. Tugboat Logic had the policy framework and workflow we needed to supplement our compliance operations within our product development team and for our clients in Europe.”
- CEO, Colony Networks

Security Awareness Training

Align Staff, Reduce Risk

Our built-in awareness training and workflow, along with audit-ready tracking will help you build a team that is working in unison to make the organization more secure and systematically reduces risk. More importantly: it's handled with a clean, engaging user experience so people actually do it.



The Tugboat Logic Enterprise Platform is a cloud-based solution sold on an annual subscription basis. We have simple, module-based pricing that can be right-sized for your needs and will scale as your organization grows.  
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