Streamline Risk Assessments

Monitor, identify and evaluate risks automatically, then receive tailored suggestions to reduce risk across your organization.

Streamline Risk Assessments


The Challenge of Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are mandatory for passing your audits and protecting your business from serious threats. They are also one of the top reasons for delays in achieving SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certification. Not understanding the process can lead to no visibility and incomplete audits.

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The Main Certification Delays Due to Risk Assessment Are:

Struggling to understand how to conduct a risk assessment

Submitting an incomplete risk assessment to your auditor

Doing a last-minute risk assessment and running out of time

Immediate Visibility Into All the Risks Unique to Your Business


Immediate Visibility Into All the Risks Unique to Your Business

Tugboat Logic guides you through conducting a risk assessment by understanding your strategic objectives and recommending which IT and security risks to consider. It also teaches how to mitigate these risks and automatically tracks the compliance of mitigating controls. Only Tugboat Logic’s Risk Assessment Module provides you with:

  • Automated risk recommendation library tied to strategic objectives
  • Automated mapping of mitigating controls to risks and industry-standard frameworks such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS and NIST CSF
  • Interactive dashboard to monitor risks at a glance and provide actionable insights for quick remediation
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How the Risk Assessment Module Works

With Tugboat Logic’s Risk Assessment Module, the risk assessment process is broken into the five simple steps outlined below. Once you’ve completed this process, you’ll have a full understanding of all your risks, confidence that controls are in place, and peace of mind that it’s all being tracked in real-time.

How the Risk Assessment Module Works
Stress-Free Executive Reporting


Stress-Free Executive Reporting

Use our Risk Dashboard and heatmap to see risk status at a glance and quickly identify areas of concern. You’ll gain actionable insights to help you recognize and remediate problems efficiently as you enhance your company’s risk posture.

Easily share a report with your executives about the company’s risk posture and instill confidence throughout the leadership team. With our Risk Dashboard, you’ll spend less time analyzing and reporting on your risk posture and more time improving it.

Define Your Scope.

The Risk Identification Survey helps you define a custom set of risks based on your unique strategic objectives.

Identify Risks.

Your Risk Register will be auto-populated with a list of predefined risks based on Tugboat Logic’s library of IT, and security risks mapped to industry-standard frameworks, such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and NIST CSF.

Assess Risks Conduct.

Analyze of each identified risk, including evaluating the inherent risk, risk treatment, and residual risk, to establish a ranking of importance from most to least critical.

Identify Security Controls.

Analyze existing controls or leverage Tugboat Logic’s recommended mitigating controls to make this process faster and easier.

Monitor & Review.

Once the risks have been identified, assessed, and responded to, use the Tugboat Logic Real-Time Risk Register and Dashboard to get automatic tracking of the compliance status of your mitigating controls.

What You Get

Automated Risk Identification

Prebuilt library of risks tied to your unique strategic objectives.

Optimal Mitigating Controls

Automatically get control recommendations that reduce the likelihood and impact of risks.

Real-Time Risk Register

Automatic tracking of the compliance status of your mitigating controls.

Auto-Evidence Collection

Evidence of your risk assessment to share with your auditor.

Risk Dashboard

An interactive dashboard of key risk management metrics to monitor and share with management.

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