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Buyer’s Guide: SOC 2 Compliance Software

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Find the right software vendor for you, and your business.

SOC 2 has become vital for companies of all sizes in today’s market. Especially for those hoping to do business with some of the world’s biggest customers. Similar to a GPS, SOC 2 compliance software acts as a guide through your compliance journey.

SOC 2’s growth in popularity has made the SOC 2 compliance software market extremely competitive. If you have typed SOC 2 or SOC 2 compliance into Google you know the results are quite overwhelming.

There are ads after ads after ads screaming for your attention, and all with claims that they have the best software on the market.

Also, the average person (even those who work with technology and data everyday) doesn’t know what SOC 2 is, furthermore how to make a business SOC 2 compliant. Accordingly, how to become SOC 2 compliant, choose software, or pass your SOC 2 audit isn’t exactly widespread public knowledge.

All of this has made choosing a software provider feel pretty grueling.

That’s why we created this buyer’s guide that compares SOC 2 vendors, features, and more. So you can get out of all that overwhelm to find the software and vendor that is right for you and your business.

Regardless of your industry, company size or experience level with SOC 2, this guide is here to give you everything you need for your buying process.

What Are SOC 2 Compliance Tools or Software? 

The road to passing your SOC 2 audit is challenging and complex. There are lots of risks and bumps in the road that will be specific to you, your team, business goals and industry.

SOC 2 compliance software will help you determine the unique policies, controls and evidence tasks necessary to pass your SOC 2 audit. As preparing for a SOC 2 audit is different for every business, there is accordingly not a repeatable preparation process for every business to follow.

This is why most organizations seek out software providers to guide them in passing their SOC 2 audit.

Why This Is Not Your Average SOC 2 Guide

The three most popular providers of SOC 2 compliance software are Drata, Vanta and Tugboat Logic. We aim to make your decision process easier by putting all the differentiating features, pros and cons, and attributes of each software in this easy to read guide.

SOC 2 Compliance Software Buyer's Guide

Everything you need to find the best SOC 2 compliance software for you and your business.

Who Did We Interview About Each Software?

In preparation for releasing this software comparison guide, we interviewed professionals and leaders outside of Tugboat Logic. Each professional has real-life experiences with the providers discussed in this guide.

We spoke to professionals in industries including, but not limited to, fintech, healthcare, investor firms, and retail to learn more about their experiences with each tool and what makes great SOC 2 software and vendors.

The interviewees work towards SOC 2 compliance for startups, mid-market businesses and enterprises with titles like:

    • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
    • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
    • Senior Product Manager
    • Founder
    • Chief of Staff
    • Software Engineers

Each interviewee also had different roles in selecting and using each software. For example, some were members or leaders of the software evaluation committee, everyday users, evidence collectors or project managers.

Each stage of the SOC 2 journey was also represented as interviewees are currently using a SOC 2 solution, had some kind of control environment in place or had already passed their SOC 2 audit.

SOC 2 Tools and Use Cases

The selected professionals further had a range of use cases for using each SOC 2 tool like a customer requested it, they wanted to start an InfoSec program due to our new work from home environment or they were looking to build on their existing InfoSec program.

We packed all their experiences, decision criteria and advice into this helpful guide that covers everything you need to pick a software that will help you save time and grow your business.

The guide additionally addresses common priorities around choosing a software vendor such as pricing, integrations and automation, security questionnaires, access to SOC 2 audit readiness expertise, customization and how to ensure employee buy-in across your organization for evidence tasks.

After Reading This Guide, You Will Know: 

SOC 2 Basics

    • What is SOC 2?
    • What are SOC 2 compliance tools or software?
    • Major SOC 2 software features

The 3 most popular SOC 2 software providers (Vanta, Drata and Tugboat Logic) 

    • Pros and cons for each compliance software
    • Attributes and features by provider
    • Pricing for each software

What makes a great compliance software for passing your SOC 2 audit? 

    • 6 things to look out for when choosing a vendor, based on the experiences of real people who have used these tools and been in your shoes.

What to Look For When Comparing SOC 2 Software

In this guide, we deep dive into what professionals, experts and leaders across industries think you should look out for when deciding on a software provider.

You’ll learn about mistakes to avoid around:

    • Vendor security audit expertise: in-house vs. outsourced
    • Automation and integrations:vendor assessments, risk assessments, security questionnaires and more)
    • Flexibility and customization: roadmaps, evidence tasks, notifications, project scope
    • Growing your business and InfoSec program.
    • Ensuring cross-departmental employee buy-in for SOC 2 evidence tasks.

Common Software Features

This guide further explains and compares vendors capabilities for common software features such as:

    • Policy and control templates
    • Control and end-point monitoring
    • MDMs vs. agent tools
    • Continuous compliance
    • Multi-framework and multi business-unit capabilities

Good SOC 2 software should prepare you for the road ahead by alerting you to upcoming bumps in the road and automatically provide rerouting when issues occur. When thinking about which provider you will choose, it is important to remember you’re selecting not just a software, but a business partner that can guide you as you grow.

Find the best guide for you, and your unique journey, in this guide.

SOC 2 Compliance Software Buyer's Guide

Everything you need to find the best SOC 2 compliance software for you and your business.