Tugboat Logic launches first security and privacy management platform that reduces friction in enterprise sales


June 19, 2018  (SAN FRANCISCO) – Tugboat Logic, Inc., an innovator in enterprise security and privacy, today announced the launch of its Enterprise Security and Sales Management offering, the first solution to use automation and intelligence to simplify IT and sales compliance for every enterprise. It creates a scalable governance system of record for business teams to quickly and easily manage security policies and controls that in turn support critical business functions like sales, with real-time compliance information needed to complete customer RFPs and contracts.

“Tugboat Logic has developed a new way for enterprise sales to get the real-time support they need from their IT and security teams,” said Tugboat Logic co-founder and CEO, Ray Kruck. “We are breaking new ground with workflow automation combined with industry insights that empower organizations to collaborate and communicate for more effectiveness in sales and IT operations.”

“The breakthrough has been to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and patent-pending techniques to enable auto response in RFP management that dramatically shortens response times and eases the burden of accurate information gathering,” said Tugboat Logic co-founder and CTO, Ingrum Putz. “We combine an intuitive user experience, turn-key policy management and security awareness training to help the organization get secure and sell more.”

Tugboat Logic also helps enterprises get ready to support numerous regulatory and industry standards including the European Union’s newly implementedGeneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. It is an ideal solution for smaller companies, without substantive IT staff or resources, to meet compliance adherence challenges with a straightforward and right-sized approach at a lower total cost of ownership.

“Our clients are regulated, and we can’t sell them our solutions unless we can confirm adherence to their strict IT and regulatory compliance requirements,” said Wayne Gomes, founder of Grapevine 6. “Tugboat Logic gives us a central place from which we can respond to client proposals or questionnaires with greater speed and effectiveness.”

“We were looking for technology solutions to help with our GDPR readiness,” said Michael Kuhlmann, CEO of Colony Networks. “We found Tugboat Logic had the policy framework and workflow we needed to supplement our compliance operations and process within our product development team and with our clients in Europe.”

“We found an invaluable partner in Tugboat Logic for our compliance readiness,” said Marc Pavlopoulos, CEO of US Bound. “We needed to get our new offering ready for market, so privacy and data protection policies were a key part of our launch plan.”

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