Tugboat Logic Eases the Audit Process with First End-to-End ISO 27001 Solution

Customers Will Leverage the Innovative, Interconnected and Automated ISO 27001 Solution for Faster and Smoother Audits

BURLINGAME, Calif. April 20, 2021 — Tugboat Logic, the leading security assurance company, today announced the availability of its ISO 27001 solution, the first-of-its-kind solution that removes the complexities of navigating and completing an ISO 27001 audit.

Organizations of all sizes now have the ability to leverage an innovative, interconnected and automated ISO 27001 solution to reduce time spent on ISO 27001 audits. With the tool, audits will require less time and fewer resources to pass and maintain. This faster process saves organizations money, even if they work with a consultant. Benefits of the solution include:

  • Complete automation: The major components of the ISO 27001 audit process are all automated. This includes Risk Assessment, Statement of Applicability (SoA) and an ISO 27001 Checklist.
  • Complete interconnectivity: This is also the only solution in which the entire ISO 27001 audit process is completely interconnected, so information will never be out of sync. Customers avoid standalone documents that don’t adhere to their information security program.
  • One central repository: All information and data are centralized, effectively removing all data silos. It also means all the data collected is controlled and owned by the business being audited rather than in email attachments, shared folders and personal workstations. 
  • An audit that adheres to the infosec program: With Tugboat Logic’s Security Assurance Platform, any company can easily tie their business objectives to their information security program. This means that things like Risk Assessment and SoA adhere to an organization’s infosecurity program, and if any of these things change, everything else affected is also updated automatically.

Eric Haney, chief technology officer, LoneStar Analysis, said: “For us to be able to play ball with a multi-national and multi-billion-dollar company, we had to really bring up our level of security compliance. Tugboat Logic offered us the ability to get into that space with a relatively low cost. It also allowed us to manage our own destiny.”

Ray Kruck, founder and CEO, Tugboat Logic, said: “The ISO 27001 audit process is notoriously slow, complex and expensive. Our end-to-end solution enables a faster process that saves money and increases accuracy through automated risk identification, mitigating controls recommendations and evidence collection. Overall, the solution provides a more streamlined process that can be re-used for all future renewals and ensures a higher audit pass rate.” 

About Tugboat Logic

Tugboat Logic is the Security Assurance Platform that provides continuous compliance. Tugboat Logic provides automated technology to demystify the process of creating and managing an InfoSec program. With Tugboat Logic, companies can quickly get secure and prove it to customers. Powered by AI, Tugboat Logic’s patent-pending technology automates InfoSec policy creation, audit readiness, and security questionnaire response so companies can gain trust with customers and sell more. Tugboat Logic helps businesses prepare for audits in half the time and at a fraction of the cost, ensures they can respond to security questionnaires in minutes (not hours), and builds and scales their InfoSec plan in minutes. Website: 

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