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Automated Evidence Collection

How Does Integration with Snyk Work?

Snyk is an application security tool that provides developers with easier and more convenient ways to test their code for vulnerabilities. Snyk integrates directly with most major code repositories (e.g. GitHub, GitLab etc.) and scans the code within for vulnerabilities and dependencies.

Tugboat Logic integrates with Snyk to help you automatically prove to your auditor that your code repositories are being regularly tested for vulnerabilities in code and dependencies. This integration also provides a list of issues identified by Snyk and fixed by your developers.

How Does It Help You

By integrating Tugboat Logic with Snyk, you can:

  • Automatically provide evidence that static code testing is part of your development process
  • Prove to your auditor and customers that you address vulnerabilities in your development process on a regular basis 
  • Alert compliance officers when a critical vulnerability is detected and provide evidence that these vulnerabilities are resolved quickly
  • Automatically map evidence from Snyk to all security frameworks that matter to you (PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOC2, NIST CSF, HIPAA)


Automated Frameworks

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