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Automated Evidence Collection

How Does This Integration Work?

As a Tugboat Logic user, you can integrate your system with Lacework to automatically collect evidence proving you are compliant with security frameworks relevant to you. Lacework monitors your cloud security posture and collects key log and security data from every container in an environment. With this integration, you can easily demonstrate that you comply with controls related to System Event Logging and Monitoring, as well as IDS/IPS Configuration Settings. 

How It Helps You? 

By collecting evidence from Lacework on a scheduled basis you can prove that you are monitoring your cloud environment (AWS, GCP, Azure) and demonstrate your process for handling alerts. Since Tugboat Logic maps your evidence across multiple audits and frameworks, you save hours on proving you’re compliant and avoid duplicating your efforts. 

  • Save time by automating evidence collection for System Event Logging and Monitoring and Intrusion Detection and Prevention Configuration Settings.
  • Automatically map your Lacework evidence to all the security frameworks that matter to you.
  • Demonstrate how you triage and route security alerts created by Lacework to your workflow tools such as PagerDuty, Slack, or Jira. 

Automated Frameworks

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