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Why You Need the Internal Audit Tool

Whether you’re preparing for an audit, need to evaluate your security posture for internal security reporting, or you’re fulfilling an internal requirement of a framework such as ISO 27001,  Tugboat Logic’s built-in audit tool helps you through the process painlessly. We’ve designed this intuitive tool to make your audit a breeze, whether you’re a seasoned security professional or you’re doing an internal audit for the first time. 

How Does It Work?

The internal audit module gives you workflows to make your internal audit hassle-free. It comes with an actionable project dashboard that highlights the current state of in-progress and complete audits, focusing on outstanding items such as controls and items that need action.

The internal audit module lets you view the control, associated evidence and linked policies at a glance, making it easy to identify potential gaps and request additional information when needed.

How It Helps You

With Tugboat Logic’s internal audit tool you can:

  • Reduce the constant back-and-forth emails and save time on your internal audit by keeping all your internal audit communication inside the platform and attached to the discussed evidence and controls
  • Perform an internal audit as part of your ISO 27001 certification requirement
  • Self-audit to determine if you meet the requirements of GDPR
  • Ensure you’re collecting the right evidence
  • Understand if you’re ready you are for an external audit
  • Assess your security posture and report on it to your board or other stakeholders

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