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Automated Security Evidence Collection

How Does This Integration Work?

Tugboat Logic has integrated with Google Cloud Platform to automatically collect evidence that helps you prove that your cloud environments are secure. This integration supports automated evidence collection for numerous security controls such as Encryption of Cloud Data at Rest, Firewall Rules, IAM Configuration, Serverless Function Security, System Event Logging, System Performance and Capacity Monitoring and more. Simply connect to your GCP environment, and select which Tugboat Logic automated evidence integrations you wish to enable, and the system will begin collecting evidence.

How It Helps You

  • Save hundreds of hours by automating time-intensive evidence collection tasks
  • Eliminate the stress of missing an evidence collection interval
  • Ensure your GCP cloud environment(s) are configured securely
  • Automatically map your GCP evidence to all the security frameworks that matter to you (ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS and many more)
  • Prove your security controls are in place
  • Tugboat Logic continuously monitors your GCP services such as Storage Buckets, GCP IAM, Compute Disks and more, ensuring you’re compliant at all times. If there’s ever an issue with your integration setup, you’ll be notified immediately about the problem, which evidence tasks it impacts and what you need to do to fix it.

GCP Services Integrated with Tugboat Logic:

  • Storage Buckets
  • Cloud SQL
  • Compute Disks
  • VPC
  • GCP Monitoring
  • GCP Cloud Functions

Automated Frameworks

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