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Automated Security Evidence Collection

How Does the Datadog Integration Work?

Tugboat Logic’s integrations allow you to automatically collect evidence to prove that you have the right security controls in place. That way, you can always be confident you’ll have the right data on hand to meet any auditor’s requests. Our integration with Datadog allows you to collect historical evidence related to incident management, system performance, and capacity monitoring. Specifically, you can automatically collect and validate evidence that your company:

  • Logs and addresses incidents in accordance with your SLAs
  • Has performance/availability logging in place for your cloud environment(s)

How It Helps You

The Tugboat Logic and Datadog integration allows you to automate the collection of evidence surrounding incident management. This integration collects evidence from Datadog Incident Management to show all of your incidents. It also gives you the ability to collect historical evidence from Datadog. 

With the DataDog and Tugboat Logic Integration, you can always demonstrate that:

  • Incidents are resolved and relevant parties are notified
  • Learnings from incident response activities are absorbed
  • Logging and monitoring are enabled for security events

Automated Frameworks

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