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Automated Security Evidence Collection

Integrate With a Penetration-Test-as-a-Service Platform

Penetration tests are one of the most challenging controls in a security audit. Testing is notoriously difficult to schedule and complete in time for an audit, making it one of the leading causes of audit delays. And since pentesting requirements differ greatly between security frameworks, organizations need reliable pentesting partners to offer the necessary expertise. Cobalt’s pentest-as-a-service (PtaaS) platform coupled with an exclusive community of testers delivers the real-time insights you need to remediate risk quickly and innovate securely.

How It Helps You?

By integrating Tugboat Logic with Cobalt you can automatically collect evidence for penetration tests, along with findings and remediation statuses and conveniently store everything inside your information security platform. 

When setting up the integration, customers can select the pentested assets that fall within the scope of their security certification audit, such as cloud configurations, external networks, internal networks, payment API, etc. 

This integration runs once a month and captures the latest state of pentests and findings. 


Automated Frameworks

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