Information Security Policy Generator

Demystify security and compliance by automatically generating the policies you need for your InfoSec requirements.

Information Security Policy Generator


The Challenge of InfoSec Policies

You need an information security program to build trust with customers. Companies lose time and money guessing which policies and controls to implement—only to find they don’t meet client needs. Worse, some businesses use templates without appropriate review and customization, leaving them uncompliant with standards like SOC 2 and ISO 27001.

Easily Create InfoSec Policies


Easily Create InfoSec Policies

Tugboat Logic’s Information Security Template Generator demystifies the process of setting up a security and compliance program with an easy-to-use automated framework. Based on the industry’s top security authorities, like NIST and Cloud Security Alliance, our pre-built library of over 40 policies helps you create a credible InfoSec document quickly and easily, without the guesswork.

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How the InfoSec Policy Template Works

Tugboat Logic’s security assurance platform finds which policies best fit your business and recommends the predefined documents and controls you need to be secure and compliant. Once you’ve designed your program, you can download a polished information security program document to share with customers during the sales process.

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How the InfoSec Policy Template Works

What You Get

Prebuilt Policies

40+ prebuilt security policies based on industry standards.

Security Controls

Detailed recommended security controls associated with each policy.

Security Report

Security Assurance Report to share with customers.

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