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Demystify and automate the process of passing your security audit and stop the endless frustration of audit preparation.

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Close Your <br>Security Gaps


Close Your
Security Gaps

Tugboat Logic helps you conduct a risk assessment by recommending which security risks to consider and who to best mitigate them. We then automatically track whether you’re implementing the right controls.

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Automate Evidence Collection

Automate many of the more intensive evidence collection tasks to save time and money, and reduce the stress of missing a collection. Use our predefined integrations and automated modules, or connect to your vendor of choice with our open API.

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Automate Evidence Collection

Use Machine Learning To Answer RFPs in Minutes


Create better answers to security questionnaires in seconds, so you can sell more and win more. Upload and store previously answered RFPs, and our Auto Answer engine, powered by machine learning, will handle the rest. Our system learns from previously answered RFPs to improve over time.

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Customer Story

Tugboat accelerates the time for audits and compliance.

Jason Adams, CTO & Global Head of Product

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Customer story

Want To Make Your SOC 2 Journey As Seamless As Possible?

Use this guide to understand the difference between Type 1 and Type 2, what the compliance roadmap looks like, what timeline you can expect, how to choose the right auditor and how to speed up the SOC 2 process.

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Want To Make Your SOC 2 Journey As Seamless As Possible?

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