Understanding GDPR starts with understanding your client's data.

The GDPR data protection principles bring a new level of process to your business. The European Data Protection Authorities now require your organization to provide thorough, transparent and legal justification for all data collected and managed by your company, services and applications. Tugboat Logic provides GDPR-ready templates to kickstart your process definition with data protection impact assessments, subject access request forms, consent and erasure forms.

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You need a digital system of record for your digital privacy program.

Tracking and managing data flow across your business is key to GDPR compliance. More than half (52%) of organizations have challenges identifying personal information and who has access to it. Tugboat Logic assists clients with identification tools and pre-defined security and protection policies that align with GDPR.

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Think people-first. Your employees. Your users.

Tugboat Logic helps you manage the personnel side of GDPR with a unifying digital system of record with tools that capture roles and responsibilities and maps them to your data processes. Additionally, Tugboat Logic’s security awareness training brings your employees up to speed and unifies your organization behind your GDPR compliance plan.

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Stand up and be counted as a trusted enterprise.

While there is no official certification process for compliance with the GDPR, this new law requires that you document, operationalize and implement policies, procedures, controls to protect your clients' privacy and their data. Tugboat Logic helps you demonstrate accountability to the GDPR mandates with purpose-built controls, tools, dashboards and reports that give you a real-time view of your data governance activity. Further, we enable you to verify your GDPR compliance to your business partners with auto answer guidance for your sales projects such as RFPs and contracts. 

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  • Overview of the state of GDPR Readiness
  • Key GDPR Concepts
  • The 3 principles needed to prepare for GDPR
  • How Tugboat Logic helps you deliver on GDPR Readiness
“All I needed to do was read the policies, implement and document the recommended controls and invite my employees to the awareness training! Now I can use the policies to respond to audits within hours...when it previously took weeks!”