Tugboat Logic is Removing the Mystery and Misery from Passing Security Audits

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Tugboat Logic makes huge strides in 2019 helping organizations prove they are secure to their customers.

February 4 , 2020  (SAN FRANCISCO) – Tugboat Logic, a team of security veterans who have developed an automated security assurance platform, is helping organizations overcome the mystery and misery of passing security audits such as SOC 2, PCI, and ISO 27001.

“The time and cost involved in passing a security audit is frustrating for many companies,” said Tugboat Logic founder and CEO Ray Kruck. “Many consultants charge up to $40,000 for audit readiness, and it takes up to 12 months to complete. Meanwhile, small and medium enterprises need this audit in order to sell to their customers, often losing or delaying revenue while waiting for this audit process to complete.” 

Tugboat Logic’s Virtual Security Officer Platform uses patent-pending machine learning technology, automated workflow, and expert InfoSec guidance to significantly reduce the confusion, time and cost associated with passing your audit – all so you can sell more.

“I could not have completed my SOC 2 audit as quickly without the automated Tugboat Logic platform,” said Naveen Koka, Head of Solutions Engineering at Bay Area AI-based recruiting startup AllyO, “This allowed me to meet my clients’ security requirements, so we could complete the sales process.” Tugboat Logic has helped over 150 customers such as AllyO navigate the audit process in 2019, by offering advice and technology for over 8 different security frameworks including: SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, NIST CSF, and more. 

In addition, Tugboat Logic delivered several new innovations last year to make audit readiness faster than ever including:

  • A series of Automated Evidence Collection integrations with your tools and infrastructure (AWS, Github, Jira, etc.) that automatically gather evidence to prove your security controls have been implemented properly.
  • A central Gap Assessment Dashboard to monitor the state of policy review, control implementation, and evidence collection to keep your audit on track.
  • An automated Audit Project Management tool that helps accelerate audits by inviting your auditor into your InfoSec system of record so they can verify evidence and collaborate with you.

“Half of the battle of selling to your customer is assuring them that you are secure,” said Tugboat Logic Chief Product Officer Patrick Murray. “By providing our customers with pragmatic yet responsible prebuilt scopes mapped to industry standards such as SOC 2, and making it effortless to gather proof that this security is in place, we are making it easier for them than ever before to gain trust with their clients, which helps them win more business.”

About Tugboat Logic

Tugboat Logic is the Virtual CISO Platform. Unlike traditional consulting firms, only Tugboat Logic provides automated technology to demystify the process of creating and managing an InfoSec program. With Tugboat Logic, enterprises can quickly get secure and prove it to customers. Powered by artificial intelligence, Tugboat Logic’s patent-pending technology automates InfoSec policy creation, security audit readiness, and security questionnaire response so enterprises can gain trust with customers and sell more. Tugboat Logic cuts the time and cost of audit readiness in half, helps you respond to security questionnaires 45% faster, and can help you build an InfoSec plan in minutes. Tugboat Logic is a cloud-based subscription service, starting at $499 per month. Free 7-day trial available. You can follow Tugboat Logic on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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