Hero - Tugboat Logic Coronavirus Business Continuity Plan

Tugboat Logic Coronavirus Business Continuity Plan

Tugboat Logic has been closely monitoring the situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency, and we wanted to provide this update on our Business Continuity Plan to ensure we continue to support our customers, while also protecting the health of our employees.

At this time, our team is still working full-time onsite. In the event that the situation changes with the coronavirus outbreak, we have plans in place for the Tugboat Logic team to work remotely from their homes.

All of our employees have remote working setups already in place in both our Calgary and San Francisco office locations. We are confident this remote work plan is operational, as it was recently tested in February 2020 during our office renovations, when 100% of our employees were working remotely for a period of one week with no interruptions to our Tugboat Logic Virtual Security Officer Platform, and with consistent customer support services for our clients.

Our Business Continuity Measures

As a “cloud-first” organization, Tugboat Logic is able to maintain business continuity through use of the following applications, infrastructure, and processes:

  • Web conferencing for customer and team meetings
  • Slack and email for regular collaboration and daily standups within the teams at Tugboat Logic
  • Cloud-based ticketing system for receiving and managing customer support requests
  • All Tugboat Logic staff have company-issued laptops, and we follow a “zero trust” security architecture model so that remote work does not compromise our security
  • Tugboat Logic maintains a central list of employee mobile phone numbers so we can contact staff in the event we need to enact our remote-work plan immediately
  • We are reviewing the business continuity measures in place with our third-party vendors to ensure their services are not interrupted
  • At the Tugboat Logic offices, precautions are in place to keep all work surfaces sanitized, and best-practices for personal hygiene have been communicated to all staff to ensure we maintain a healthy office environment and team
  • In the event we have employees who are affected by prolonged illness, Tugboat Logic has role redundancy in place so that we can maintain support for our customers

Tugboat Logic’s Virtual Security Officer Platform is a fully redundant cloud-hosted solution that has been validated by an independent auditing firm as part of our SOC 2 attestation. This ensures our customers will continue to have access to our platform during this period of uncertainty, and allow our Customer Success and Engineering teams to continue to develop new features and troubleshoot any customer issues.

Resources for Our Community

As a security company that provides guidance to others on InfoSec best practices, we encourage our customers to put their own Business Continuity Plan in place now to be prepared in the event that the coronavirus situation worsens. In general, disasters are not easy to predict, so it is prudent to plan and test your plan before it is actually needed.

If you are interested in learning more about the Tugboat Logic Business Continuity Plan or would like to have a BCP template to create your own plan, it is available for all customers upon request.

Next Steps

We will continue to keep a close eye on the coronavirus, and we will update this blog post in the event our remote work plan is implemented. If you have any questions, please contact us at Stay well!

-The Tugboat Logic Crew