SOC 2 U: A New Approach to SOC 2 Compliance Training

A Free and on-Demand SOC 2 Certification Educational Course

In today’s market you need SOC 2 to sell your product or service—especially if you’re a B2B SaaS business. But, where and how do you get SOC 2 training?

SOC 2 is an attestation that proves you can be trusted with sensitive data and customer data. In short, it’s your license to sell.

The problem is that the SOC 2 process tends to be confusing, expensive and time-consuming.

This represents a serious challenge for small and midsize businesses. Many don’t have the resources to commit to a SOC 2 project. But they need to be compliant if they want to provide security assurance to existing customers and gain traction in the marketplace.

This is where SOC 2 U comes in. The program leverages experience from Tugboat Logic’s Labs team, which has over a hundred years of experience conducting security audits, to simplify the SOC 2 readiness process.

We believe that SOC 2 should be accessible to everyone. So, SOC 2 U is a free educational program and SOC 2 certification that covers everything you need to know to get compliant.

SOC 2 U guides you through the SOC 2 journey. It gives you reliable and vendor-agnostic knowledge. It’s like a consolidated playbook and training module for your SOC 2 attestation.

This course covers everything you need to know about SOC 2. And it’s something you can reference in the future. I really needed that when I did SOC 2.

How Does It Work?

The program is split into three modules, designed to support you during each key step in your compliance journey:

  1. Learn About SOC 2
  2. Choose Your Path to Compliance
  3. Get Compliant

SOC 2 U offers a nice summary of the most important components of a SOC 2 project. And it gives you the ability to choose what you want to do next, based on where you are in the journey and your expertise.

Below, you’ll find an overview of what you’ll learn in each module.

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Module One: Learn About SOC 2 

What are the trust service principles? What does security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy even mean? What’s the difference between access controls and security controls?

If you’ve been googling SOC 2 you know the wealth of results are dizzying to say the least.

You have to try and figure out what SOC 2 information or SOC 2 training is not only credible but also up to date. This is especially challenging as most startups don’t have security pros on staff.

Module One takes this guesswork out of the SOC 2 preparation process. 

Module One was created by ex-SOC 2 auditors, the same kind of people who will be completing your SOC 2 audit. They have the first-hand experience you need to get past that audit finish line.

SOC 2 U takes auditor expertise, a deep understanding of best practices and aligns that with SOC 2 basics and how to get compliant. The outcome? A shortcut to compliance.

In Module One you’ll learn: 

  • What’s SOC 2 and why does it matter?
  • What are the components of SOC 2?
  • SOC 2 Type 1 vs. Type 2
  • Best practices for SOC 2 risk assessments and risk management
  • How to create SOC 2 policies, controls and evidence tasks
  • The length of SOC 2 from start to finish
  • SOC 2 costs
  • How to select the right SOC 2 auditor
  • What to expect during your SOC 2 audit and audit process
  • SOC 2 report or audit reports 101

SOC 2 U Training Course Certification

Once you’ve completed the module you’ll take the SOC 2 Readiness Certification Quiz. You can then prove you’re a SOC 2 compliance pro with our SOC 2 Readiness Expert Certification that you can add to your Linkedin and resume.

We also know that SOC 2 isn’t the most exciting topic. So, each module includes videos, graphics and even a game to keep things interesting.


Here’s an example of one of our SOC 2 U videos.

Module Two: Choose Your Path to Compliance

As I’m sure you know, there is not a one-size-fits all process for getting your SOC 2. Every business is different and so is their SOC 2 journey.

With so much competing information out there, it’s challenging to determine which path to SOC 2 attestation report is right for your unique business.

The purpose of Module Two is to accelerate this process. It gives you all the information you need to select the best path to SOC 2 compliance for your business. That way, you can get back to those other projects on your list.

We interviewed professionals and leaders (with no connection to Tugboat Logic) to learn about their experiences working towards SOC 2 in different ways. You’ll hear about their first-hand experiences throughout this module.

You’ll hear from the interviewees about the benefits, challenges and best practices for:

  • Working with a SOC 2 consultant.
  • Preparing for your audit internally or on your own.
  • Using compliance automation software.

Our team of ex-SOC 2 auditors will also go over:

  • How to find the right kind of auditing firm for your business (Big Four vs. boutique).
  • How to pass your annual SOC 2 audit to maintain continuous compliance. 

SOC 2 Training Course Survey

At the end of this module you’ll find the SOC 2 U Recommendation Survey. Input some information about your business, and we’ll recommend the best path to compliance for your business.

We take into consideration your business’s maturity, revenue, size, current information security and goals to offer up advice that’s customized to your needs.


I have done SOC 2 many times, at many different organizations. And, SOC 2 U is like the encyclopedia of SOC 2. It explains the whole process, shows you the necessary steps, and honestly explains the advantages and disadvantages of each path to compliance. The content is clearly shaped by everyday people like you and me. It is unlike anything I have seen before.

Module Three: Get Compliant

If the SOC 2 U Recommendation Survey determines compliance software is the best fit for your business, we’ll hook you up with a free trial of the Tugboat Logic product.

The trial will familiarize you with SOC 2 automation software and provide your team with a credible proof of concept of what this software can do. Beyond that, it’ll get you roughly 30% of the way through a SOC 2 readiness project and enable you to apply everything you’ve learned in SOC 2 U to the real world.

And in case you’re curious, here’s what you can expect from the trial:

  • A scoping survey, which will help you determine what your SOC 2 project should cover. The survey will generate policies and controls that are applicable to your business. Basically, it’s your instruction manual. Because this is a free trial, the scope will cover around 60% of your project.
  • Access to prebuilt policy and control content created by our Labs team, with handy implementation guidelines and context for building your SOC 2 program.
  • Beyond that, you can explore our security questionnaire module and review the different integrations we support, which will save you plenty of time when it comes to evidence collection.
  • Explore additional SOC 2 training modules

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