While you can read our full guide to start-up security, we figured it would be easier to digest and apply the best practices in smaller chunks. So, we broke up our full guide into four parts. This is part four, which focuses on keeping your code secure. Check out part one, two and three if you’ve missed them.

Extend Your Security Efforts to Your Customers

“More is More”

1. Have MFA, SSO, and role-based access for all customers: ’nuff said.

2. Make sure customers are using strong passwords: The US Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has a fantastic trove of best practices on creating, managing, storing, and protecting passwords. One guide in particular outlines thorough and concrete steps to creating strong passwords.

3. Keep customers’ privacy at the forefront of your security efforts: Here are some ways to do so:

  • Collect the bare minimum of data you need to help customers achieve success with your product.
  • Require customers to give you explicit consent before allowing customer success, support, and sales teams to access their data.
  • Train your customers in security awareness and security best practices to help them always keep security in mind.

Take the Mystery and Misery Out of Your Security and Compliance Work

Whether you are a one-person army in a startup or have a well-established security department, everyone can benefit from using technology to automate their InfoSec program. Tugboat Logic was founded with this mission: to take the misery and mystery out of security and compliance for organizations by automating and scaling their security efforts.

The Tugboat Logic Security Assurance Platform is specifically designed to help you manage all aspects of your Information Security program as your needs evolve over time – helping you get secure, prepare for security audits such as SOC 2 & ISO 27001, answer security questionnaires, and evaluate the security of your business partners.

Interested in learning how you can get your life back by demystifying and automating these security activities? Start a trial production account or schedule a walkthrough of the Tugboat platform.

PS: Launch a security program that protects your business, builds trust with customers, and impresses your board by downloading Security Best Practices for Startups.