New ISO 27001 Features!

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The Tugboat Logic ISO 27001 Readiness Project helps our customers become compliant as quickly and effectively as possible, and our latest product updates are making it even easier! 

Our new ISO 27001 Checklist, launched today, outlines the Information Security Management System (ISMS) requirements for your ISO 27001 audit and tracks your progress. Our pre-written ISO 27001 policies are ready for you to adapt and publish, or you can update your existing policies to be ISO 27001 compliant. All of our policies are mapped to the controls you need to implement and the evidence you need to collect for your audit. Our Procedures, Statement of Applicability and Risk Assessment modules help you complete ISO 27001-specific compliance, and can easily be passed to the auditor all within Tugboat Logic. 

The following are a few highlights of Tugboat Logic’s ISO 27001 Readiness Product, but book a demo to learn more. 

Scoping Survey

As soon as you start your ISO 27001 Readiness Project, Tugboat Logic will guide you through a scoping survey. By answering each question Tugboat Logic will help you define the scope of the ISMS for your unique business and guide your ISO 27001 journey accordingly.


With your scope established, the ISO 27001 Checklist guides the implementation of your ISMS and tracks your progress. At any point you can see exactly how prepared you are for your audit, and the additional steps you need to complete.

ISO 27001 Checklist


ISO 27001 requires organizations to have defined procedures to follow for potential future events, such as security incidents or disaster recovery. Tugboat Logic’s procedures functionality allows you to define procedures, associate them with the relevant policy, assign an owner and have management review and approve the procedures, as required for your audit.

Statement of Applicability

ISO 27001 compliant organizations must provide a justification as to why each 114 Annex A control is or is not being implemented. Tugboat Logic’s Statement of Applicability (SoA) recommends justifications for each control, shows their real-time implementation status, tracks approvals and connects to your readiness project and risk assessment.

Statement of Applicability

Risk Assessment

An up-to-date risk assessment is key to ensuring your organization is secure, and a core piece of an ISO 27001 audit. Tugboat Logic’s Risk Assessment Module provides guidance on which risks you should consider and how best to mitigate them, then connects them to mitigating controls so you can automatically track the compliance status of those controls.

Risk Management Procedures

A Connected Ecosystem

One of the most common reasons for failing an ISO 27001 audit is that the auditor lacks confidence in the administration of the ISMS, and the documentation is poorly managed or missing entirely. Having the SoA, Risk Assessment, policies and controls means you won’t have missing documentation, but it can be hard to manage in shared folders and email attachments. Connecting everything is what transforms a group of documents into an Information Security Management System. In Tugboat Logic, you can connect your Risk Assessment to relevant procedures, controls, the Statement of Applicability and evidence. Each piece of information fits together as part of the centralized ISMS, and you can always connect it back to the person responsible for it. Say goodbye to data silos and standalone documents, and say hello to your interconnected ISMS!

ISO 27001 can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. Book a demo to learn how Tugboat Logic can lighten the load for your ISO 27001 compliance journey.