Holiday Compliance: A Grinchy Take on Security

We all consider the holidays a break,
But we all know those stories of what else is at stake. 

Take the Grinch for example, who was such a grouch.
As a security breacher, he sure was no slouch.

The Whos all loved Christmas as a time of cheer.
With games, decorations and family to hold dear.

However, the Grinch didn’t think Christmas was great.
The noise and lights and the cheer he did hate.

So the Grinch intended to be quite defiant,
And the Whos down in Whosville were not security compliant. 

The Whos were not ready for a single bad actor. 
They didn’t consider security a factor.

A couple of snips, a few little stitches…
The Grinch was prepared for some identity switches. 

Santa had not protected his image and styles.
Maybe a password could have stopped the Grinch’s wiles. 

Prepared for a trespass, the Grinch got his sled,
The time for attack was when all Whos were in bed.

No one would be awake to stop a home breach,
And there was nothing else there to limit Grinch’s reach.

The doors were unlocked, the chimneys were free,
The presents were all visible under the tree.

“What’s the problem?” you say, since Santa gets in.
Well you see, Santa’s on the list of approved admins. 

Sneaking and slithering in the rooms all so dim,
Grinch took what he wanted, but nothing stopped him.

But wait, a girl who was awake in the night.
Could it be? A failsafe? Would she make everything right?

A moment of panic, still holding his prize,
But the Grinch had a story and clever disguise.

The girl listened to Grinch, who wasn’t restraining.
Clearly she hadn’t received any security training.

Once back in bed, the thefts then resumed.
The Whos had no idea their Christmas was doomed.

The Grinch hauled his bounty way up the mount.
The Whos’ total losses were more than can count. 

Upon awakening, the Whos were too late.
They all filed outside and accepted their fate.

A singing rang out from down in the square.
The Grinch didn’t think they’d all collect there.

Lucky for the Whos, the Grinch grew a big heart. 
They really needed to think of the security from the start.

But don’t be too harsh, it’s all a mistake,
One we can learn from and make sure we partake…

The importance of compliance over the holiday time,
Keeping our information safe against preventable crime.

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas turned out well in the end,
Though we want to make sure to keep up with the security trend.

2020’s been rough so it’s enough of a reason,
To wish you all a safe and healthy holiday season.