2021: A Year in Review

After plunging into the pandemic in 2020, people’s expectations for 2021 were not very high. COVID-19 was still running rampant, vaccine rollouts started and stopped too many times to count and after a year of remote work, no one could crack the code for which Zoom meetings could have been emails. 

Maybe it was the relatable Noodle the Pug bones or no bones trend or the crazy increase in plant parenthood that mentally prepared us to tackle 2021 with all our might. But our team here at Tugboat Logic worked their buns off and made many dreams a reality. So let’s take a look at some of Tugboat Logic’s milestones and accomplishments in 2021.

Software and Advancements

The brilliant minds that make Tugboat Logic’s wheels spin are constantly innovating and developing solutions to make continuous compliance a reality. It’s no easy feat! Boosting productivity by 1,500 percent and receiving a patent for our AI-enabled RFP response solution are really just the cherries on top of our celebratory 2021 cake. 


Tugboat Logic’s Own Attestation

We’re passionate about security and we believe it should be attainable by any business regardless of size. But it’s often not. So we did something about it

“Many small and medium-sized businesses struggle to make security a priority. Because we are committed to security for all, we created the Tugboat Logic Attestation Report, which provides an accessible point of entry into the world of security and compliance. Companies will be able to demonstrate their security posture and move forward in their sales process without lengthy delay and significant expense.”

Ray Kruck, CEO

You know the phrase, be the change you want to see in the world? As a business, we did that. The Tugboat Logic Attestation Report and Certification was a big deal for us. And, we hope it’s a big deal to businesses looking for an easy way to demonstrate they’ve got a strong security game. 


ISO 27001 Suite Release 

One of our biggest goals at Tugboat Logic is to demystify the complexities of information security. Of course, no one enjoys audits but we always strive to demonstrate that we take security seriously. So using our own tool, we became and now maintain ISO 27001 compliance

It helped us connect with our customers and implement their feedback. As a result, we added additional functionality in the spring of 2021. We launched the first of its kind, end-to-end ISO 27001 solution.

Organizations of all sizes can leverage an innovative, interconnected and automated ISO 27001 solution to reduce time spent on ISO 27001 audits. As a result, audits require less time and fewer resources to pass and maintain with our tool. 


Tugboat Logic Expanded Reach

Our audit and security experts continuously add new frameworks to our roster, helping you keep up with the changing demands of your customers without overwhelming your team. And it was essential to all of us at Tugboat Logic that this piece of mind was easily accessible. 

We signed our first distributor, TD SYNNEX, in the fall. TD SYNNEX is a leading global distributor and solutions aggregator for the IT ecosystem, helping more than 150,000 customers in over 100 countries. We listed our platform on the AWS Marketplace a few weeks later, making it accessible to more than 310,000 active AWS customers in 24 regions. 


Integrations, Frameworks and Continuous Compliance

To truly have continuous compliance, software has to be continuously evolving. The individuals behind the scenes who keep everything up to date and ahead of the competition work tirelessly to deliver the most innovative platform on the market. Check out all their hard work this year.



“Looking back on 2021, I’m very pleased with how well the Product and Engineering teams have come together to produce such awesome features and functionality in our app. We’ve had tremendous growth on the teams, consistently delivered a high-quality product and worked together to make our processes more streamlined. I couldn’t be more proud of this team and am looking forward to the next chapter of our adventure in 2022.”

Scott Sturgeon, Chief Technology Officer


Milestones and Memories

Looking back helps one plan and get excited about the future. This year was a wild ride for everyone on the Tugboat Logic crew. From the uncertainty of the pandemic to the rapid growth we experienced to an unexpected acquisition, there was always something to be excited about. 


Branding and Community

Earlier in 2021, we decided it was time to refresh our website and online communities with a little rebranding. Our mission remained the same—to make security a business advantage for every organization. But a fresh new look was a perfect opportunity to reconnect and remind everyone, including the competition, that we’re here to empower businesses to sell more, faster.

One of our most important communities is The Helm. The Helm is a group of customers, auditors, partners, and Tugboat Logic team members looking to expand and share their knowledge about the security and compliance world with one another. It’s a place where clients can receive answers to their questions within the same day, make product suggestions and network with peers. 

Throughout 2021 our community exploded and grew by 675%. And that’s excluding Tugboat Logic crew members! 


The OneTrust Acquisition

September 21, 2021, we were excited to announce that OneTrust was acquiring us! And this was one of the biggest highlights of the year for the team. This was a win for everyone, including customers, partners, investors and our crew and families. Our goal, to remain the top security assurance vendor in the market today and for years to come, hasn’t changed. Together we continue to deliver affordable, feature-rich products and increase investments in staff and training while providing the industry’s best client experience. 


SaaStr Annual 2021

Tugboat Logic crew members descended upon San Mateo Fairgrounds from September 27 to 29 to attend the first in-person event in over a year. SaaStr Annual brings together 5000 cloud and SaaS founders, VC and executives for three full days of workshops, mentoring sessions and networking. 

Our fearless leader and CEO, Ray Kruck, delivered a keynote on stage revealing how to accelerate revenue growth through security. Because with the right tools and processes in place, it’s never been easier to prove you’re secure, shorten sales cycles and increase win rates—in some cases, by up to 300%. In Ray, we trust!

In the age of data breaches, you can’t sell SaaS without trust. Something we know a lot about! And our VP of Customer Success and Chief Diversity Officer, Sydney Archer, delivered an incredible virtual workshop, sharing the secrets to building and maintaining trust with customers, investors and employees.

While this was an incredible opportunity to share Tugboat Logic with potential customers, our first collaboration with the OneTrust team was also our first collaboration. We’re a bit biased, but the three days were a huge success and super fun.

The Tugboat Logic Crew

Tugboat Logic has expanded at an incredible rate. At the end of December 2020, we were a team of 68. As of December 13, 2021, we’re a crew of 188 spanning eight Canadian provinces and three states in the US. And if we play our cards right, we’ll boast 190 employees by the end of 2021.

Our team comprises musicians, gamers, car enthusiasts, comedians (so many dad jokes!), home cooks, animal lovers and so much more. And despite the physical distance, our team works and collaborates seamlessly remotely. With the help of tools of course.

“Tugboat Logic is an incredibly special company lead by a CEO with a genuine passion for the business, the product we build and a crew unlike any others. They’re a highly collaborative and motivated group of professionals driving Tugboat Logic forward to be the leader in the InfoSec arena. To work here is the epitome of working with, and as, a team. 2021 has been a year of tremendous growth as we have more than doubled our crew size! We are excited for what 2022 holds in store as we undertake new projects and continue to grow this amazing team!”

Sharon Kolodychuk, VP, Human Resources


In case you were wondering, YES—We are hiring!

Meeting Our Colleagues

Like most companies, we do have a physical office. Back in the day, we used to work there. We gathered with our peers and worked together to make security and compliance a business advantage for all. There are rumors that new hires had to put together their own chairs as part of onboarding! It was a different time in a land far far away and the team was much smaller.

The Tugboat Logic team evolved rapidly over 2021 and to show our appreciation for their hard work we decided it was time to come together the old-fashioned way. In-person events were recently held in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, providing team members the opportunity to mingle with their peers and celebrate their successes. 

Pajamas were exchanged for finery and slippers swapped for stilettos. Bets were placed in Slack about Ray’s height (I still owe someone five dollars) and ugly sweaters were donned and announcements about 2022 were shared. But what was most astonishing and rewarding about gathering together, safely in these uncertain times, was the camaraderie and collaboration that exists between teams and extends beyond the digital world. The dreaded team-building exercises resulted in actionable ideas, genuine connections and increased excitement to tackle 2022 as a crew.



On the Horizon for 2022

Where did 2021 go? We blinked and it’s gone! 

The Tugboat Logic team achieved a great deal in a short 365 days. They’ve navigated a pandemic, developed integrations, our own attestation, and attended events.

Thank you to our customers for your support. Your observations, testimonials, questions and suggestions keep us constantly striving for more. We have big things planned for you in the coming year including new modules and enhancements, dozens of new integrations to make your audit experience even less stressful and several new frameworks to help you meet your compliance goals.

Thank you all, for a fantastic 2021. We are looking forward to an even more exciting and jam-packed 2022.