Audit Management

Easily track and manage multiple audits, seamlessly collaborate with your auditor and gain a system of record for your future audits.

Audit Management


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To get certifications like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS and prove you’re a trusted business partner, you need to undergo a third-party audit. Whether you’re conducting an internal audit or collaborating with an external auditor, managing an audit can eat up valuable resources and distract your team from doing their jobs. But the headache of sorting through miscommunications and audit delays doesn’t have to be part of the process for you or your auditor.

Manage the Entire Audit Process

Manage the Entire Audit Process

Tugboat Logic’s Audit Management Module streamlines audit-related tasks from audit readiness to examination. Our Audit Management Module reduces the time and effort needed to prepare for and pass audits by driving accountability with task owners, enabling effective collaboration with your auditors and providing concise dashboards and reports to track audit results.

  • Import previous work from your readiness project and review past audits to see what’s changed
  • Bring your own auditor or leverage our large community of auditors to find one who fits your needs and budget 
  • Easily monitor and manage one or more audit projects with built-in dashboard views 
  • Seamlessly work with your internal team by assigning and tracking tasks to completion
  • Reduce the burden of evidence collection with automations and our chrome extension
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A Tool Just For Auditors

Our Audit Management Module was built by auditors for auditors, leveraging deep experience and best practices from the world’s top firms. It provides auditors with the visibility and tools they need to effectively evaluate each part of your audit so they can mark it as complete or request additional information—all through the Tugboat Logic platform.

  • Gain clear visibility into each control’s details, associated policies and evidence to identify any potential gaps
  • Work the way you want to work by commenting directly in the control if you need additional information from the client or by providing a general list of requests
  • Communicate findings directly to the client through the platform
  • Our intuitive interface allows you to complete high-quality audits in less time
A Tool Just For Auditors
Collaboration Is The Key

Collaboration Is The Key

Our Audit Management Module allows both you and your auditor to communicate and collaborate directly within our platform, preventing needless delays and frustration. With policies, procedures, controls and evidence stored in one place, it’s easier to coordinate and complete audits. 

  • You’re in control; grant audit project access only to those that need it 
  • Hold your team accountable by assigning tasks and due dates 
  • Benefit from fewer setbacks by collaborating with your auditor directly within controls, requests and findings 
  • Review previous audits when it comes time for reassessment or when preparing for new certifications
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What You Get

Define Your Scope

Manage an internal or external audit for any security framework.

Enable Access

Invite any auditors or team members into the audit project and control their permissions accordingly.

Track All Activities

Gain clarity on the status of all activities between your team and your auditor and work collaboratively to complete tasks.

Accelerated Audits

Finish security audits faster by seamlessly collaborating with your auditor directly in the platform.

Oversee Everything

Manage audit projects and findings with our built-in dashboard and real-time notifications.

Reduce Manual Effort

Benefit from automated evidence collection, prebuilt policies and controls, and more.

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