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GDPR Compliance: You Can Do This. We’re Here To Help.We demystify your GDPR program readiness and management with risk assessment tool, guidance checklist, mapped policy templates and an assessment test.
PeopleThink people-first. Your employees. Your users.Tugboat Logic helps you manage the personnel side of GDPR with a unifying digital system of record with tools that capture roles and responsibilities and maps them to your data processes. Additionally, Tugboat Logic’s security awareness training brings your employees up to speed and unifies your organization behind your GDPR compliance plan.
ProcessUnderstanding GDPR starts with understanding your client's data.The GDPR data protection principles bring a new level of process to your business. The European Data Protection Authorities now require your organization to provide thorough, transparent and legal justification for all data collected and managed by your company, services and applications. Tugboat Logic provides GDPR-ready templates to kickstart your process definition with data protection impact assessments, subject access request forms, consent and erasure forms.
TechnologyYou need a digital system of record for your digital privacy program. Tracking and managing data flow across your business is key to GDPR compliance. More than half (52%) of organizations have challenges identifying personal information and who has access to it. Tugboat Logic assists clients with identification tools and pre-defined security and protection policies that align with GDPR.
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